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What We Do!

Natural Disaster Relief

A strong network of trusted partners enables Direct Relief to assess immediate healthcare needs, understand the situation on the ground, and respond quickly and efficiently when a disaster strikes. We are expanding our network across India and make sure people receive the Help when they are in need. During Disaster we tie-up with corporate companies and other NGO and work together as a team to work efficiently .

Go to Cleanathon Drive

Cleanathon Drive

We as Youngsters care a lot for our society and environment. We as a team conduct Cleanliness drive where we clean and beautify the blackspots around the city. We believe in making clean society and we are constantly working on it.

Animal Rescue Team (A.R.T)

We rescue, treat, care for and rehabilitate urban animals. We care animals with love because even animals too deserve LOVE.

Go to Awareness Drive

Awareness Drive

Most of the crime in city happens due to lack of Knowledge. We conduct awareness drives at schools,colleges and other public places.

Go to LitEducation


LitEducation is an Initiative started by Way For Life®.Under Liteducation we focus on educating the orphans.

Go to Plantation Drive

Plantation Drive

Team way for life conducts plantation drive. Where we plant thousands of saplings in the forest with help of forest department

Go to Srushti Welfare

Srushti Welfare

Way for Life recently took over a 15 years old NGO which mainly focus on women education and Women Empowerment.

Anti Sexual Harassment

With more and more women speaking up about sexual harassment that they have faced at their work place, some shocking details has come into fore. While 40-70% of the complaints are lodged by women there are also about 10-20% men who have alleged that they have faced sexual harassment at work. We aim creating the work place safe by making Anti Sexual Harassment Agreement with company as well as employee and make sure the work place is safe by monitoring and conducting meetings.

Blood requirements

The main motto of this “Ensure that no body dies for the want of something that in abundant in everyone’s body”. Each Week we receive 7-10 blood requests ie approx 1 request per day. Our dedicated team works irrespective of time and make sure the patient receives the blood at the right time.When we receive the request we use the data-base that is been collected and request our volunteer to donate blood via mail and message.

Volunteer With Us to make the society Better

Way For Life

Way for life is a registered non government and non profit organisation. Way for Life is looked after by students of various colleges for improvement of society and main goal is to improve society in all possible way and thus we have launched new initiatives like cleanathon drive, awareness drive, government school improvement, plantation drive, women education and women empowerment. Recently Way for Life took over an NGO called Srushti. Both Srushti® and Way For Life® are registered under society and trust act respectively. You too can join us and help us to improve the society in effective and unique way.

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