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Way for Life is a registered, youth-driven NGO, based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, founded in the year 2017. The footsteps of our approaches to community development and environmental sustenance have been ideated and undertaken by the energetic body of youth volunteers who write our story through reshaping yours. What our action survives and thrives on is sustained by the dynamism of considerate, passionate young volunteers whose outlook on life aligns with ours! The desire to uplift the marginalized sections of the society, coupled with an equal emphasis on commonly neglected issues such as Blood requirements, Relief programs, and educational and environmental issues have comprised the major activities which Way for Life engages in. Our most referenced contribution to the field of Social Service is usually our involvement and intervention programs with Government schools. Our assistance varies from reconnecting the broken dots on the walls of these schools to coloring the very same structures - through the supply of physical equipment, the labor, and the selfless voluntary teachers who transform the lives of the innocent day-dreamers into problem-solvers and goal-achievers.

Our Values

  We envision a continued, sustained upliftment in the lives of the people we work for through the collaborative efforts and ideas of all people who yearn for a positive change in the society.
The core impetus for our tireless actions stems from our desire for improved, independent societies, whereby the problems of troubled communities and neglected environmental and social issues are brought changes to, through collective innovation and activity.

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