The Green Wall - Educational Vertical Garden Bottle System Project ...

Surrounded by skyscrapers, moving vehicles and heavy pollution, the urban population is barely breathing. And even if they breath they take in the deadly smog, to which the world is getting use to unknowingly and at a fast pace, making the need for fresh air all the more necessary. It is very important that we address to this issue as soon as possible. We have reached a point where one major contribution will not help fight the problem of pollution, all need to come together.

With passing time people have come up with various innovative ways to fight pollution, one of which is vertical gardening. In today’s time as the sizes of houses are shrinking it is difficult for people to maintain gardens and hence the concept of green walls were introduced. This concept helps curb pollution as well as make the otherwise boring walls eye catching and soothing.

Vertical gardening or green walls is a clever way of utilising the indoor and outdoor walls of houses and offices and other public spaces. It has various advantages on the environment. All plants act as natural air filters that oxygenate the air, and plants in vertical gardens are no exception. They reduce smog, pollutants, and other toxins such as benzene, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde as well as dust. It creates a cleaner surrounding and environment for the occupants. It also acts as a sound barrier helping curb sound pollution. Plants naturally block high frequency sound and are hence used to reduce noise level along roads and highways. They act as an insulator reducing the noise level in buildings by creating a layer of air between the walls and the plants. It also helps reduce the amount of energy used as it insulates the walls making the air cooler and reducing the requirement of air conditioners.

Hence we can conclude that vertical gardening or green walls are very clever and practical of utilizing otherwise waste spaces and maintain gardens, providing an innovative and attractive look to the boring walls and fighting pollution at the same time.

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